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Benefit's Brow Bar at Bloomingdales in NYC, photo courtesy:
Benefit's Brow Bar at Bloomingdales in NYC, photo courtesy:

Ask The Editor: Where Can I Find The Perfect (And Affordable) Eyelash Treatment?

Affordable Eyelash Treatments in NYC

Here at Where Can I Find The Perfect, we love doling out beauty tips and hearing from our readers. We recently received this question from Allison in NYC. 

Q: I’ve been flirting with trying eyelash extensions and noticed you recommend Damone Roberts and Blinglash. As a first timer who doesn’t want to spend THAT much (and want my lashes to be nourished if possible) what would you recommend?

A: Allison, as an eyelash-obsessed girl, I can relate to your concerns! If you’re looking for a cost-friendly and nourishing eyelash treatment here are some perfect options:

Eyelash tints: These services are offered all over the city, but our favorite wallet-friendly salon of choice is Benefit Cosmetic’s Brow Bar (click here for locations). The adorable stores/spas offer quick eyelash ($23) and eyebrow tints ($20). To begin, one of the beauty specialists puts a cooling patch under your eyes, and then paints a vegetable based dye on your top and lower lashes. After about 14 minutes of resting with your eyes closed, you’ll notice your lashes looking thicker and darker. For an even more dramatic style, top the treatment off with mascara. Here’s the best part: The tints last up to 6 weeks. You can make an appointment or simply walk-in. (TIP: If you go to SoHo, ask for Erin!)

Falsies: To create all-over volume and length, falsies are a great alternative that won’t damage your lashes. We love Laura Mercier’s Full Faux Eyelashes ($18). The natural looking strip can be reused up to five times and is super easy to apply. Here are some tips to DIY:

*Prior to the lash application, use eyeliner to fill in small spaces between your lashes

*Trim the false lashes to fit your lash line if necessary

*Use tweezers to hold the lashes and apply glue at the base, wait 10 seconds and then position the strip just above your lash line and hold in place to set

*Store the lashes in the box after use to maintain the shape

Mascara: A good mascara can be your best friend. Some of our favorites include Dior Show Mascara ($25), Blinc Mascara ($26), and Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara ($23). If you’re looking for natural brands, some great options include Tarte Lights Camera Lashes ($19), Korres Deep Color Mascara ($18) and Fresh Supernova Mascara ($25). We also recommend investing in a good curler to use before and after applying mascara. We love Japonesque’s Go Curl Pocket Curler ($11) and Shu Uemura’s Eyelash Curler ($20).—CHASE ROSEN

Do you have any beauty or fashion dilemmas? Send us an email at We’ll have you looking perfect in no time!

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