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Byrdie Bell
Byrdie Bell

Byrdie Bell’s Beauty Tips and Tricks!

Byrdie Bell Spills Her Beauty Tips and Tricks

You probably recognize blonde bombshell Byrdie Bell from the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and V Magazine, to name a few. You’ve also probably noticed that the actor/model/Lumene ambassador has never—and we mean never—taken a bad picture. How, you ask? Well, we got to pick Bell’s brain, and check out some of her favorite products, this week at Lumene’s Rejuvenation Lounge in Chelsea.  Read her beauty tips and tricks below!—AMANDA LIBBY

What’s one beauty rule everyone should follow?

Moisturize, it’s so important. One of the things I learned from my mom was that we often forget about our necks. And she said start early on start moisturizing your neck, it’s just as important as your face.

Does your beauty routine change in the summer?

I go a little overboard with the sunscreen and I stay out of the sun. I will be that loser with a huge hat!

How do you get red carpet ready?

Under-eye concealer is the most important. Once you do that, you can opt to go as minimal as you want and that’s the main thing the camera will pick up. I’ll also take a little bit of gloss and put it in the center of my upper and lower lip, not over my whole mouth, and that will make your mouth look a little bit bigger.

What other tricks have you picked up over the years?

My eyes are sort of close together, and when I discovered putting lighter shadow [closer to the nose] and doing a line on the outside it changed my life! I also like to use a serum, like this [Lumene Moisture Booster]. Instead of using a highlighter, which can sometimes look like glitter, if you take a really rich serum apply it on your temples and forehead it makes you look super hydrated and dewy.

What’s one product you absolutely have to have in your makeup bag?

Mascara. Otherwise I feel like I’m completely bare.

Do you have any bad beauty habits?

I pick at my skin when I shouldn’t!


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