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Charcoal Gray Splatter Leggings, $32,
Charcoal Gray Splatter Leggings, $32,

ChasingSkully: The Hottest One-Stop Kids Shop offers a heavy dose of style for little ones, without breaking the bank

I hate to be trite, but any mom will agree: there simply aren’t enough hours in a day. Whether you’re up to your ears in diaper changes, making 5 different dinners for a picky eater, or worrying about preschool applications (or doing all of the above at the same time!), it’s fair to say us mommies have a ton on our plates. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep up with the hottest baby and kid trends to ensure our little ones are looking cool, even though most of the time we have to take a deep breath before losing ours.

Thanks to, a kid-centric e-tail store that launched just last week, busy moms can easily shop the hippest kids’ styles in literally 5 minutes or less. And here’s the best part: this site has finds you won’t see anywhere else, unless you have endless hours to troll Instagram for the best up-and-coming kiddie labels. That was a joke; most of us barely have time to pee.

That’s where Lindsay Skulnik, a New York City mommy and former fashion publicist comes in. After having her son Chase, Skulnik quickly saw a need for a one-stop kids shopping site where moms can get heavy dose of style for their little ones, without breaking the bank. So she started scouring blogs, Instagram, and show rooms and quickly discovered emerging mom-made must-have labels that both parents and little ones will love. (As a friend of Lindsay’s, I can attest I legit want to buy everything in Chase’s wardrobe.)

But don’t expect frilly, hard-to-clean, impractical pieces. Skulnik carefully curates the site with styles that are comfortable, true to size, and washable. My daughter and I are big fans of this cotton high-low palm skirt ($40) by Ollie James, as well as these charcoal splatter paint leggings by Sweet Luka Mo ($32). And don’t get me started on the graphic tees. From the “Put Me on the Cover of a Rolling Stone” option by Little Adi ($26), to this Whistle & Flute arrow v-neck ($32), a trip to always leaves me asking one question: Can I get it in my size?—AMANDA LIBBY


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