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Love Notes Lip & Nail Duets,  $38, lippmanncollection
Love Notes Lip & Nail Duets, $38, lippmanncollection

Color Coordination: Deborah Lippmann Launches Lip and Nail Duets

Deborah Lippmann Launches Nail and Lip Duets

WHAT: Deborah Lippmann’s Nail Duets


PRICE: $38

In case you haven’t already noticed, this fall is all about red, red, and more red. So imagine our excitement when we stumbled upon this newly launched (and fabulously scarlet) nail and lip combo by manicure mogul Deborah Lippmann. The perfect pairing includes a deep pomegranate lipstick, aptly named “Let’s Do It,” along with “My Old Flame,” a classic crimson polish. We love how the shades pleasantly complement each other, without looking overtly matchy-matchy.

Of course, if you’re looking for something more subdued, you can try the other on-trend nude duo called “My Touch My Kiss” stocked with a sheer beige paint and barely pink stick (check out the photo below). Either option is a foolproof way to kiss summer goodbye in style.—AMANDA LIBBY

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