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Cake Pops From ICE Culinary's Baking Class, photo courtesy: ICE Culinary
Cake Pops From ICE Culinary's Baking Class, photo courtesy: ICE Culinary

Cake Pop 101

Learn to Bake (Or Cook) Like A Pro at The Institute of Culinary Education

Cake pops. They’re adorable, bite sized, and surprisingly difficult to make. (Successfully icing a tiny ball on a stick is much harder than it looks!) So in order to perfectly master the technique behind this latest dessert craze, I decided to get some help from the pros at The Institute of Culinary Education during a recreational class fit for any baker-in-training.

During the four-hour crash course, Pastry Chef and Instructor Faith Drobbin shared the do’s and dont’s of cake pop making while we whipped up chocolate and vanilla cakes at professional stations stocked with electric mixers, measuring cups, ingredients, and much needed aprons. While our cakes baked, we learned how to make buttercream icing and meringues.

Next, it was time to form the pops. We mashed up our cakes into fine crumbs, mixed in flavors (think peanut butter, cream cheese, and jelly, to name a few), formed mini balls and shapes (including dreidels and Santa hats), popped in sticks dipped in melted chocolate, and placed them in freezers to cool. (TIP: Cake pops should always be cold before decorating to avoid a drippy mess.)  Once the mini cakes were properly chilled, we dipped them in melted chocolate and started decorating with sprinkles, coconut, and any other topping you could possibly imagine.  At the end of the day, each student left with about 20 homemade pops and several recipes to boot.

Of course, if cake pops aren’t your thing, ICE also offers a variety of other hands-on cooking, baking, and wine education classes. Plus, if you’re looking to impress your favorite foodie this holiday season, you can treat them to an ICE gift card. Recreational classes are offered daily, and the recipient can choose the topic, menu, and time that best suits their appetite. Click here for more info.—AMANDA LIBBY



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