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Amanda Libby On Live From The Couch
Amanda Libby On Live From The Couch

Family Travel Made Easy! Perfect Picks and Tips On “Live From The Couch!”

Amanda Libby shares family travel tips and tricks on "Live From The Couch"

Whoever said getting there is half the fun probably never traveled with a screaming toddler or baby. But with the right travel accessories, your family vacation can actually feel like vacation! WCIFTP’s Amanda Libby shared tips and tricks on how to make family travel a breeze. Check out the clip here, and shop the shoot below!

Boba Air Carrier, $125,

My biggest rule when it comes to travel is to ditch that bulky stroller and opt
for a baby carrier. I love the Boba carrier because it weighs less than 1 pound
and folds up inside a built in pouch so you can easily store and stash it after

Bubblebum Inflatable Car Booster Seat, $39.99,

This inflatable car booster seat clips easily into any rental car or taxi and is
specifically designed for kids ages 4 to 11. The best part is that it weighs
less that half a pound and deflates within 20 seconds so you can quickly fold it
up and tote it on the go.

Giggle Better Basics Striped Pronto! Mini Changer, $30,

Diaper changes are never easy, especially on the go. But this mini diaper bag
doubles as a changing pad, so you can easily turn any space into a clean
changing area for baby.

 Mixie Bottle, $16.99,

One of the best ways to keep baby happy on a long trip is by having that bottle
ready the second they’re hungry. Thanks to the Mixie bottle, you can prep your
bottles in advance. Before you leave for your trip, you’ll put powdered formula
into the inner compartment, and water in the bottle. Then when baby’s hungry you
push a button, shake it up, and your bottles ready in seconds.

 Coco Go Lounger, $200,

All babies love their bouncy seats, and Giggle’s Coco Go Lounger folds up to fit
inside a sleek travel bag so you never have to leave home without it.

GoPicnic Ready-to-Eat Meals, $4.99,

A hungry child is a cranky child, but that doesn’t mean you need to fuel them
with fast food on the go. Go picnic offers healthy, ready to eat meals–think
all natural peanut butter and crackers or vegan edamame and kale dip–that come
in compact little boxes. They’re also made from clean ingredients, so no trans
fats, msg, or artificial flavors.

Skiphop’s Kid Sized Neck Rest, $13,

Skiphop’s kid sized neck rests are a great way to encourage nap time on the go,
and they also won’t take up precious space in your carryon!

Travel-Tot Childproofing Kit, $35,

Looking to child proof your hotel room? This kit comes with foam corner guards,
outlet covers, cabinet locks, finger pinch guards, and more to keep your little
tyke safe away from home.

 Supergoop! SPF 30 and 50 Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Mist,

If you’re going somewhere warm, I recommend packing one sunscreen that the whole
family can use. Supergoop’s sunscreen mist is safe for the little ones because
it’s paraben and fragrance free, and it’s also loaded with antioxidants to give
mom and dad’s skin a great glow too.

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