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photo courtesy: Butterfly Studio Salon
photo courtesy: Butterfly Studio Salon

Get Commitment-Free Bangs At Butterfly Studio’s Faux Bang Bar

Butterfly Studio's Bang Bar Offer's Clip-In Bangs For Commitaphobes

WHAT: Butterfly Studio Salon’s Bang Bar

WHERE: 149 Fifth Avenue

PRICES: $30 for Clip-Ins, $68 for blowouts

So you love bangs but don’t know if you can pull them off as well as Jessica Biel or Mobama. Well darlings, we have the perfect solution. At Butterfly Studio Salon’s noncommittal bang bar, you can get the look without having to go under the scissors.

Simply schedule a complimentary consult at the Bang Bar and a stylist—we recommend owner Kattia Solano—will help you try on a few faux HairDo clip-ins that complement your hair texture and color. With 25 different shades to choose from, it’s easy to find a flawless match. If you like the look, you can purchase the clip-ins for $30 and your stylist will trim and cut them to frame your face. If you want something permanent, you can have them cut your actual hair. Add a blowout ($68) if you’re really looking to turn some heads. Either way, you’ll have a bangin’ new look in no time. Guaranteed.—AMANDA LIBBY

Butterfly Studio| 149 Fifth Avenue (Between 21st and 22nd Streets| 212-253-2100

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