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The Juice Press, photo courtesy:
The Juice Press, photo courtesy:

Get Your Juice On

The Juice Press Offers Everything from Cleanses to Cookies With Manhattan Locations

It seems as though NYC is experiencing a bit of a juice bar boom. And while there are plenty of places to fuel up—think Organic Avenue and Juice GenerationThe Juice Press is by far our favorite chain to get a healthy boost. The company has 5 liquid locales all over the city, including a newer outpost that opened on Mott Street in February. Fun fact: New York Yankee Mark Teixeria loves it so much that he decided to become a partner in the business earlier this year. (Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts are also noted fans.)

Each shop is bright and clean, lined with big coolers stocked with 100 percent organic cold pressed juices (there are over 25 different options to choose from).  We love the Dr. Green Juice ($9.80 for 17 oz), made fresh with pineapple juice, ginger, kale, lemon and apple, and the Spicy Citrus ($8.66 for 17 oz) with lemon, grapefruit, orange, ginger and cayenne. And if you’re new to the juicing scene, no need to fret. The friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to help you pick a drink based on your preferences (whether you’re trying to beat a cold, or looking to drop a few pounds).

If you’re not ready for a full-throttle juice cleanse, The Juice Press also offers a full menu of gourmet super-food smoothies, raw food entrees, salads, and sandwiches created by Chefs Jermain Jonas and Daniel Sage. Some of the options include a $9 coconut ceviche (with coconut meat, onion, tomato and jalapeno), ravioli ($12) made from a sliced turnip filled with homemade vegan cashew cheese, and an avocado sandwich ($10) on sprouted grain bread with marinated cucumber, greens, tomato and homemade vegan chipotle mayo.

For those looking for some healthy snacks, the juicery also sells dry raw food to munch on throughout the day. We’re fans of the sweet Gladiator Cookies ($7), made with almonds, Brazil nuts, coconut/raspberry puree, dried figs and raw agave, and spicy kale chips ($10) infused with lemon, garlic and cayenne. That’s right, healthy cookies and chips. Maybe gearing up for bikini season won’t be so bad.—CHASE ROSEN

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