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Inside Yoga Vida's NoHo studio, photo courtesy: Yoga Vida
Inside Yoga Vida's NoHo studio, photo courtesy: Yoga Vida

Get Your Om On

New Members Can Try Out a Week Of Unlimited Classes at Yoga Vida for $10

What: Yoga Vida

Where: click here for locations

Price: $10 for a week of unlimited classes (free mat rental included!) for new members, $14 for a single class.

You’ve probably already heard of Yoga Vida. The studio is not only home to instructor Hilaria Thomas—yes, THE Mrs. Alec Baldwin—it was also rated NYMag’s pick for best yoga in 2012. So in an effort to start off 2013 on a healthier foot, I decided to stop by to get my om on.

With two locations, this yoga mecca hosts more classes than you can count including advanced, restorative, vinyasa, and even a 90 minute “Yin-Yang” workout that combines a fast paced flow followed by a deep tissue stretch. But don’t let the heavy curriculum fool you; this place is a great resource for newbie yogis, too. In fact, they’re currently offering a great deal for new members: for $10 you have access to an unlimited number of classes for one week, with a free mat rental included.

Needless to say, I decided to stop by 666 Broadway for the beginner’s class. The space is everything you’d expect from a chic downtown yoga studio—clean, bright and soothing—with gorgeous wood floors, white walls and four different classrooms. Plus, each room has plenty of space so you won’t be moving into downdog with someone practically on top of you!

Soon enough it was time to get to work. To start, the instructor explained the benefits of yoga, which include strengthening and toning muscles while improving flexibility and posture. After a quick warmup, it was time to set our intention for the class. But if you’re into yoga for the workout only, no need to panic! Feel free to just concentrate on your breathing.

After 65 minutues of sun salutations, warrior poses, and core work, I felt amazingly strong, centered and ready to tackle the day. As for those pre-class jitters? Gone! Who knew fulfilling a New Year’s resolution could be so easy.—LAUREN MILLER

Yoga Vida|99 University Place #6| 212-995-5553

666 Broadway|212-845-9973

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