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Jennifer Esposito Outside Her Bakery, photo courtesy:
Jennifer Esposito Outside Her Bakery, photo courtesy:

Gluten Free Goodies

Jennifer Esposito Brings Health-Conscious Treats To The East Village

Those with gluten, lactose and other dietary allergies looking to satisfy a sweet tooth often end up empty-handed, but Jennifer’s Way Bakery in the East Village looks to change that by thinking outside the tastes-like-cardboard-box. Instead, a selection of delicious organic baked goods (think fennel raisin bread, banana chocolate chip muffins and carrot cake cupcakes) are served free of gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts and refined sugar, and made fresh daily, without lacking taste or nutritional benefits.

You can thank Jennifer Esposito (of Blue Bloods and Crash fame) for this recently opened, health conscious spot.  The actor-turned-baker was diagnosed with celiac disease five years ago and turned to culinary classes to find meals that fit her new dietary restrictions. She also started a blog for people with the disease to use as a resource.

Realizing words weren’t enough, Jennifer decided to set up shop in her original NYC neighborhood and offer a rotating menu of her new personal favorite recipes. You can find them all listed on a large chalkboard inside the cozy, old fashioned space, accented with chic rustic furniture, a farmhouse door-turned-countertop, gas lamps and photos.

Pop into the cash-only bakery on the early side—they often sell out before closing time—to enjoy an assortment of old-fashioned pop tarts ($6), soft pretzels (2 for $7), mini and regular-size cupcakes ($2.25 and $4.50) and muffins ($2 and $4), cookies ($2.50), and breads $13-$15/loaf), along with bagels on the weekends ($4.50) and pre-packaged cranberry pecan granola ($5 or $8) and pancake mix ($9.50). Whether you’re gluten-free by doctor’s orders or eating healthy by choice, Jennifer’s Way is worthy of a taste test. —CASSIE KREITNER

Jennifer’s Way Bakery | 263 E. 10th Street (between 1st & Ave. A)  | 646-682-9501

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