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photo courtesy: Black15in1
photo courtesy: Black15in1

It’s A Miracle: Black15in1′s Multipurpose Hair Spray

Black15in1 Launches Miracle Finishing Hair Spray

WHAT: Black15in1′s Miracle Finishing Hair Spray


PRICE: $9-$18

Looking to spring clean your beauty routine? Well, tossing out the multiple hair care products that dominate your makeup cabinet can’t hurt. And thanks to Black15in1’s newly launched hair spray, you can replace all those hair balms, lotions, and sprays with one sleek, little bottle.

It’s aptly named the Miracle Finishing Hair Spray, a paraben and sulfate free formula that works way beyond providing that perfect and non-sticky feeling hold. This handy hair tool also treats your mane by offering UVA and UVB protection, hair color defense, and our favorite feature: Flyaway resistance. Plus, if you’re looking to strengthen over-processed locks, it does that too. And did we mention it’s under $20? Talk about a miracle worker.—AMANDA LIBBY

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