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Korean Temple Food Tasting
Korean Temple Food Tasting

Korean Temple Food Debuts at Lincoln Center

A World Famous Monk Chef Brings Vegan Korean Temple Food to NYC

It’s a cuisine revered around the globe, though few outside of Korea have gotten the chance to try Korean Temple Food. But last week, the spiritual vegan food made a big impression on a few foodie writers (including yours truly) when world famous monk Chef Venerable Jeok Mun brought a taste of this “enlightening” fare to NYC.

About 90 of us got to taste 14 Korean Temple dishes (pictured above). The menu included creations made with Ginkgo nuts, lotus leaves, Neungi Mushrooms, acorn jello, and Chinese Pepper Pickles, to name a few. The ingredients are all truly from the Earth and some were even flown in from Korea.

One interesting fact about Korean Temple Food? It prohibits the use of five spicy vegetables (garlic, scallion, chives, wild chive and leeks). Of course, that didn’t mean a lack of flavor.

Our favorite dishes included the Tri-colored Lotus Root (colored with spinach, gardenia and prickly pear cactus powder, deep-fried in potato starch and flour batter), Shitake and Tofu in Green Tea Sauce and the White-Ginseng Roll with Red Ginseng Sauce.

For now, if you want to try Chef Mun’s creations you’ll have to travel to South Korea, but there is word a Korean Temple Food restaurant could be in New York City’s future. One thing’s for sure—it will be worth the wait.—AMANDA LIBBY

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