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Drybar NYC,
Drybar NYC,

LA’s Famed Drybar Opens in NYC!

Drybar Offers $40 Blowouts with Complimentary Cocktails to Boot

WHAT: The Perfect $40 Blow Out
WHERE: Drybar
PRICES: $40 for any blowout, $80 for updo’s, $85 for in home blowouts

We’ve been hearing tons of buzz about Drybar’s long awaited opening in NYC—it’s been featured in the likes of Elle, Allure, and Bazaar to name a few—so obviously, we decided to stop by shortly after the popular LA-based salon opened its doors in Union Square on September 16th. And while it’s easy to find a good blowout here in NYC, Drybar seems to have set itself apart by offering top notch services in a chic setting for just $40.

The salon’s motto is simple, “no cuts, no color, just blowouts.” When you sit down for your appointment, your stylist will hand you Drybar’s photo “Book of Vogueness” which features five blowout styles for $40: Straight Up, Manhattan (sleek and smooth), Southern Comfort (big hair with volume), Cosmopolitan (lots of loose curls), and Mai Tai (messy and beachy). But the bar inspired services aren’t just a tease; you can sip complimentary wine or champagne during your blow out. (There’s also an assortment of teas and cucumber water.) Plus, while many other salons will charge extra fees for using flat and curling irons, those extras are included in Drybar’s $40 price. Of course, you can opt for add ons, for example, if you bring in clip on extensions your stylist can apply them for an extra $10.

The cheerful, stylish décor perfectly complements the salon’s cheeky menu and pro services. The space is filled with fresh sunflowers and white roses lining marble, white and grey countertops (equipped with iPod chargers).  Stark white walls are adorned with frameless rectangular mirrors, while bright yellow trays and chandeliers add fun pops of color. After getting shampooed at the wash station (which features padded head rests, comfy white club chairs, and natural wood foot rests), you’ll head back to the dry bar where you can read your favorite glossy, or watch one of the rom-coms playing on a large, flat screen TV. (No Strings Attached was playing during our service, so we enjoyed zoning out to Ashton Kutcher’s butt bearing antics.) Upbeat music, including Lady Gaga’s “Judas,” also added to the spot’s energizing atmosphere.

Addicted clients can benefit from monthly memberships or “bar tabs.” $75 dollars a month includes two blowouts, one “floater” (a ten minute scalp massage), and 10 percent off products. “The Barfly” costs $140 a month and includes four blowouts, two floaters, and 10 percent off products. You can also buy packs of three blowouts for $115 (which saves you $5), a 6 pack for $220 (saves $20), or a 12 pack for $420 (which saves $60). Another location is slated to open at Le Parker Meridian in Midtown, so stay tuned for updates!—AMANDA LIBBY

Drybar| 4 West 16th Street| 212.561.5392

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  1. Wow! This is just unbelievable! My favorite things all at once- being pampered and a relaxing glass of wine. Count me in!

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