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Photo Courtesy: Prescriptives
Photo Courtesy: Prescriptives

Made-To-Order Makeup: Prescriptives Relaunches Custom Blends

Prescriptives Relaunches Custom Blend Foundation and Powders

WHAT: Prescriptives Custom Blend Makeup

PRICE: $65


Ever since Prescriptives went online only in 2010, we’ve been searching for alternatives to replace their famed custom blend foundations. Well, the search is over.  Earlier this month, the beauty brand reintroduced the made-to-order makeup, with a fun new spin.  And you won’t even need to brave the long lines at those busy beauty counters.

With the brand’s new online custom blend service, customers can simply book a free session on the company’s web site and chat with a “beauty genius” via web cam.

“We actually make an individual recipe that’s just for you,” explained custom blend expert Nikki Galante, who whipped up my ideal shade during our 30-minute web chat. After noticing my current color was a bit “too peachy,” Galante suggested a medium coverage foundation coupled with a golden illuminator to neutralize some redness in my skin. Other ingredients including firming, oil control, hydrating, and lifting agents can be added as well. Once our session was over I received a full chat log with everything we discussed, along with a recipe ID to buy my blend.

Within one week my custom blend arrived, coupled with a travel size bottle to boot (and let’s just say I won’t be leaving home without it). If, for some reason,  they don’t get it right on the first try, you can send the bottle back for a full refund or tweak the color. The formula will be permanently saved in Prescriptives’ database, and you can even alter the recipe each season. Plus, you can do it all from your home or office. Talk about a perfect prescription.—AMANDA LIBBY

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