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NYC's Soft Serve Fruit Co. Offers Guilt Free Frozen Treats

Naturally Healthy (and Vegan) Frozen Treats At The Soft Serve Fruit Co.

The Soft Serve Fruit Co. offers fat free and dairy free frozen treats

WHAT: The Perfect Guilt Free Frozen Treat
WHERE: The Soft Serve Fruit Co.
PRICES: Start at $3.50 for kids
The Soft Serve Fruit Co. managed to find a way to create a  fat free, sweet treat without empty calories by using just 3 ingredients: Real fruit, filtered water, and a touch of organic cane sugar. It’s the perfect recipe for a guilt free treat that is also gluten and dairy free! The frozen confections are made fresh throughout the day in-house and come in 4 flavors that change each season. This summer, you can cool off with blueberry, banana, mango, and raspberry. Each flavor in a small cup is less than 90 calories. You can top your treat with a variety of fruit for 75 cents or dry ingredients for 50 cents. You can choose anything from kiwi, to organic cereals, to chocolate chip cookies. If you enjoy a little salty with your sweet, have your Soft Serve Fruit in a pretzel cone. We also love their smoothies and sundaes! So take a break from fro-yo and try this fro-fru… we think they’re on to something.

The Soft Serve Fruit Co.| 1371 Third Ave.|25 East 17th St.|

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