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Today, find the perfect

Photo Courtesy- Redhead Photography
Photo Courtesy: Redhead Photography

Picture Perfect

Redhead Photography Takes Perfect Newborn Photos In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Baby, baby we have found a newborn photographer who will blow you away!

Enter Redhead Photography, run by photo pro Deborah Hope Israeli who promises to capture your baby at the perfect moment, in adorable poses with stunning detail. (We promise, you’ll want her work all over your Facebook page, on your wall, and even in a coffee table book!)

Israeli, who is also mom to three kids herself, recommends getting the pictures done in the first couple weeks of the baby’s life. And amazingly, she has the ability to put your child at ease, allowing them to settle into a comfortable, angelic pose (sometimes with an adorable little smile to boot!). And if you’ve ever tried to take your own snaps of your little one, you’ll know that is not an easy task.

As for the best part, if you can’t make it to her quaint New Jersey studio, she can come right to you. Check out some of her priceless pics below, and click here to schedule an appointment. (Home visits start at $650.)—AMANDA LIBBY

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