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Pinche Taqueria's Fish Taco, $3.95, photo courtesy:
Pinche Taqueria's Fish Taco, $3.95, photo courtesy:

Pinche Taqueria Offers Authentic, Organic Tacos Under $5!

Pinche Taqueria dishes out Authentic, Organic Cuisine at a great price

WHAT: Perfect Affordable, Organic Mexican Cuisine
WHERE: Pinche Taqueria
PRICES: start at $2.95 for tacos

It’s not always easy to find organic food at wallet friendly prices, but Pinche Taqueria has managed a way to create authentic Mexican dishes using all natural ingredients, at a great price. We’re talking tacos stuffed with shrimp, cabbage and cilantro dressing for $3.95, beans and cheese for $2.95, and char-boiled steak for $2.95—and no—that’s not a typo. Each creation comes in soft corn tortillas, made on a mesquite charcoal grill, served with onions, cilantro, and fresh guacamole whipped up on premise.

Whether you visit the Lafayette or Mott Street location, you’ll find a cheerful waiters dancing and singing along to Mexican music. Walls are embellished with splashes of bright red, green and gold detail adding to the festive atmosphere. Another plus? The laidback spots serve breakfast daily until 4 pm. We love their huevos rancheros ($5.95) served with beans, rice, and tortillas. We also recommend a side of Yuca fries for $4.50 with roasted jalepeno ketchup. The portions are large enough to share, and you won’t find anything more expensive than $11.75 (the price of combo meals). We’re just hoping for more locations! —CHASE ROSEN

Pinche Taqueria| 353 Lafayette Street|212-343-9977
227 Mott Street| 212-625-0090


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