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Concentre de Collagene, $55,
Concentre de Collagene, $55,

Plump It Up: A Collagen Treatment For Your Hair

Roy TeeLuck's Collagen Serum and Spa Treatment Stimulates Healthy Hair Growth

When you think of collagen, you probably think of skin-plumping injections. But what if you could use the protein to stimulate thicker, fuller hair—minus the needles. That’s the idea behind hair stylist Roy Teeluck’s newest treatment, Concentre de Collegene, a collagen enriched serum ($55) meant to fuel healthy hair growth.

In a nutshell, the solution stimulates collagen production in the scalp, allowing any hair type to grow in thicker and shinier. “When your hair grows through a layer of collagen, it sprouts out stronger and fuller at the root,” said Teeluck, who worked with the Caltech Institute to create the product.

While the serum is intended for regular use—a few drops after every shampoo, to be exact—Teeluck says many clients will enjoy immediate results. In fact, the salon offers collagen spa treatment blowouts ($80 and up) for those looking to instantly revitalize dull locks

Since my mane is always in need of some TLC—oh, the pitfalls of frequent coloring—I happily accepted an invite to test out the service. It begins with a quick rinse followed by a scalp massage. “Applying the treatment after a shower is best because your pores are open and can really absorb the product,” stylist Mia Moore told me as she rubbed a few drops onto my scalp. (A little goes a long way; in fact, each compact bottle supplies about 60 doses.) Next, I relaxed under a steamer to ensure full absorption.

Post blowout, my scalp felt moisturized without the oily residue many products can leave behind. I also noticed that my thin hair, which gets weighed down easily, looked rejuvenated with added volume that lasted all day.—AMANDA LIBBY

Roy Teeluck| 5 East 57th Street|212-888-2221

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