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Fig Leaf and Sage Fragrance ($40), Cleanser ($24), and Lotion ($26), photo courtesy: Kiehl's
Fig Leaf and Sage Fragrance ($40), Cleanser ($24), and Lotion ($26), photo courtesy: Kiehl's

Scents From Around The World: Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends Launch In Stores Tomorrow!

Kiehl's Launches Aromatic Blends

WHAT: Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends


PRICE: $24 to $75

If your summer travel schedule doesn’t quite allow for a trip to an exotic jungle or desert oasis, Kiehl’s newest line of fragrances may just offer the next best thing.  The brand’s latest collection, called Aromatic Blends, is stocked with four different scents inspired by luxurious locales around the world.

For a whiff of the French countryside, sample a spritz of Fig Leaf and Sage (above). Looking for an adventure? Try the smooth and smoky Vanilla and Cedarwood, reminiscent of the Ugandan jungle. Other options include Nashi Blossom and Pink grapefruit (it smells like a Japanese garden), and Orange Flower and Lychee (a citrusy aroma made with Moroccan blooms).

Each blend uses natural ingredients and comes in the form of perfume ($40 and up), skin softening body lotion ($26), and skin softening body cleanser ($24). You can scoop them up online here or in stores starting Tuesday.—AMANDA LIBBY

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