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Today, find the perfect

Amanda Libby Shares Gift Tips on Live From The Couch
Amanda Libby Shares Gift Tips on Live From The Couch

Shop The Shoot: Perfect Customized Gifts On “Live From The Couch”

Amanda Libby Shows Off Some Customized Gifts on "Live From The Couch"

Searching for the perfect holiday gift? Well, you can’t go wrong with a  one of a kind, customized present. WCIFTP’s Amanda Libby rounded up some great personalized pieces for anyone on your list, no matter your price range, and showed them off on “Live From The Couch.” Check out the clip, and shop the shoot below!


For Men:

Monogrammed belt ($59),

Monogrammed Cotton Polo ($45)  and Sweater ($55),

Monogrammed Oxford shirt, $47.95,

Engraved Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bottle, $220,

Customized New Balance Sneakers, $174,

Customized cologne and perfume from The Big Pony Fragrance Collection, $67.50-$70,

For Women:

Reversible Belt with Letter Buckle, $73,

Customized Havianas Flip Flops, $25 and up,

Monogrammed Leather Weekend Bag, $72,

Monogrammed Leggings, $64,

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