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Today, find the perfect

The Perfect Spin Classes in Manhattan at Soul Cycle and Flywheel

The Perfect Spin Class: Flywheel vs. Soul Cycle… We report, you decide

Find NYC's Perfect Spin Class

WHAT: The Perfect Indoor Cycling Studio
WHERE: Flywheel AND Soul Cycle, we call a tie!!

It’s no secret that spinning is taking this city by storm and we noticed fitness obsessed NYers are flocking to two premier studios for their perfect cardio burn: Flywheel and Soul Cycle.  So which sweat session is the perfect spin class? Since both studios have cult followings for good reasons, we have to call a tie. But don’t fret if you’re a cycle virgin, we’ve broken down the pros and cons of each studio to help you find your perfect spin class.

Flywheel: If you don’t like being nickel and dimed, Flywheel is definitely the perfect spin class for you because the 30 dollar classes include shoe rentals and bottled water. Score! The check-in area feels like a sleek living room, with comfy couches and a coffee table with a fruit bowl so you can have a healthy snack pre or post workout. There are also plenty of cubbies with automatic locks to store your valuables. As for the workout, the bikes are set up in a stadium seating style, so you have no problem seeing the teacher and you don’t feel crammed in the studio (not to mention you don’t have another cyclers tush directly in your face). The bikes are equipped with monitors so you can track your speed and resistance to make the most of your sweat sesh. For competitive riders, Flywheel developed the Torqboard, an in-studio display that gives riders the option to compare their performance against other cyclists in the class. The instructors set the workouts to high-energy music and make sure to monitor your speed and resistance to ensure an intense cardio burn. The classes also incorporate bar weights, but we have to admit, they are a little cumbersome to work with while cycling. Dumb-bells would probably be a little easier to work with.
* Flywheel is the better bang for your buck, with free shoe rentals and water
* The lobbies are spacious with room to sit and put on your cycling shoes
* “Stadium seating” in the studio makes you feel less claustrophobic during class
* Bike monitors prevent you from slacking on speed and resistance
*the class is a great cardio burn, but the bar weights are awkward and used sparingly
Price: $30 per class (includes cycling shoes and water)
Locations: West 21st Street, Amsterdam and 76th and East 76th
Reservations are recommended. Just create an account at

Soul Cycle: These cardio parties take place in buildings with pristine opaque windows on the outside, making the studios feel like an oasis amidst Manhattan’s crowded streets. Check-in and shoe rentals take place in the lobby/soul cycle store/cubby area. We have to admit it’s a little tight, especially when cyclers cram in to get shoes and put away their things in mini lockers and cubbies. We recommend showing up in your cycling gear as there isn’t a full-on locker room where you can change. The lit candles at the check-in desk do help calm things down a bit. Soul offers four different types of classes: the signature soulcycle (45 minutes that incorporates weights and core exercises), soulsurvivor (a 60 minute full body endurance ride), soulteen (for cardio and coordination), and soulcycle bands (60 minute workout  to tone abs, obliques, arms and back by using bands anchored to a sliding track above your bike). The classes all have upbeat playlists including songs from the likes of Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and J-Lo to name a few, which makes the weight lifting and pushups as you cycle much more bearable. The instructors are extremely energetic and do their best to make their way through the packed studio space to encourage spinners to keep going. Although there isn’t much room to breathe, you never know which celeb you may run into at this cycling mecca. Celeb fans include Kelly Ripa, Chelsea Clinton, and Charlize Theron.  At the end of the day, we always leave class feeling like we’ve been pushed to burn the most calories humanly possible in a 45 to 60 minute period while jamming out to our favorite songs. What more could one ask for?
* Doing push ups and weights while you cycle ensures a full body workout
*The dumb bells are easy to reach and work with as you cycle
*Upbeat playlists keep you motivated
*the space is very tight both in the lobby and studio
Price: $32 per class, $3 to rent cycling shoes
Locations: West 72nd, East 83rd, Union Square, TriBeCa, Bridgehampton, East Hampton
Reservations are recommended. Just create an account at

2 Responses to The Perfect Spin Class: Flywheel vs. Soul Cycle… We report, you decide

  1. Hi Laura! Thanks for your comment. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any new studios but you your best bet for now would probably be to go to Union Square or Flatiron. Thanks for reading!

  2. i live mid town east ($^th n 2nd). Are either of these studios going to open one in the area?

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