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Inside City Dentist, photo courtesy: City Dentist
Inside City Dentist, photo courtesy: City Dentist

Something To Smile About: City Dentist’s Zoom Whitening

City Dentist Will Get Your Grin Glowing In Under An Hour

It’s wedding season, which means one thing: Hundreds of tagged Facebook photos. And while we know you already have Drybar and TenOverTen on speed dial, we’d be remiss not to remind you about an equally important aspect of your beauty regimen. We’re talking about those pearly whites, and thanks to the whitening experts at City Dentist, you can get that million dollar smile in a hurry. In fact, at this sleek midtown office, there’s absolutely never a wait. Now that’s service we like!

The pampering will begin the second you enter the 47th Street office, outfitted with flat screen TV’s—feel free to watch a movie while the team works their magic—ambient lighting, and calming background music. Once you check in, Dr. Fred Stange, D.D.S., will whisk you away, right into the dental chair, and help you find the perfect shade for your specific smile in under 45 minutes. (And no, that isn’t a typo.)

Just ask for the super-popular Zoom teeth whitening technique, which simply uses gel and a bright light to get your grin glowing. After three 15 minute sessions, you can expect your teeth to be eight shades lighter. The consultation is free, and packages of 3 to 4 sessions costs $776. If only all makeovers could be so quick and easy!–AMANDA LIBBY

City Dentist / 210 East 47th Street / 212-888-3570

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