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Lavaan Dental Spa, photo courtesy: Lavaan Dental Spa
Lavaan Dental Spa, photo courtesy: Lavaan Dental Spa

Something To Smile About: Lavaan Dental Spa Comes To NYC!

Lavaan Dental Spa Offers Pain Free Pearly Whites at a reasonable price

No one enjoys going to the dentist, but what if we could promise a drill-free, needle-free experience? And perhaps a smoothie shot while you’re waiting? That’s exactly the type of service you’ll get at Lavaan Dental Spa, which opened in the West Village on Tuesday.

The sleek downtown spot was founded by husband and wife dentist duo Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport and Dr. Michelle Katz, a couple who decided to apply the concept of a niche business (à la Dry Bar) to teeth cleaning. And so, Lavaan (aptly named after the Hebrew word for white) was born.

Services are limited to whitening and cleaning only, allowing customers to get pain-free pearly whites at a reasonable cost: cleanings are $89 and whitening treatments are between $295 and $395 (much less than the prices at a typical dentist’s office).

You can book an appointment online, or just walk in. After checking in using a handy iPad, you’ll get a quick exam (and a dentist referral should you need extra work). Next, simply lie back, slip on some headphones, and watch your favorite show on a flat screen TV.  You can even grab some wine wipes on the way out to make your smile sparkle past date night.—AMANDA LIBBY

Lavaan Dental Spa| 474 6th Avenue| 212-837-1833

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