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Paul and Joe Nail Enamel in Fairie Queen, $14, photo courtesy: Paul and Joe Beaute
Paul and Joe Nail Enamel in Fairie Queen, $14, photo courtesy: Paul and Joe Beaute

Summer Dreams: Paul & Joe Beauté’s Newest Collection

Paul and Joe Beaute's Summer 2012

WHAT: Paul & Joe’s Summer 2012 Limited Edition Collection

PRICE: $14 (for nail polish) to $24 (for blushes)


We have good news: you won’t need any fairy dust to achieve a light, dewy look this summer. Check out Paul & Joe Beauté’s newest line, inspired by Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The limited edition collection is stocked with glistening polishes, glosses, and blushes to keep you feeling airy on even the stickiest summer days.

The nail lacquers ($14 each) come in 3 sparkling colors. We love “Fairie Queen,” a translucent pink with playful specs of pink, purple, and blue. The hue looks great alone or on top of another color. “Sprite,” on the other hand, offers a fun pop of pastel green. For a metallic look, try the bold, silver “Pixie” hue.

Each lip gloss ($22) also offers a pretty, dewy shimmer (paired with some fun flavors too). “Love Potion” is a pale pink, perfect for day or night with hints of strawberry. “Fairie Kisses” (our favorite) is a bright yellow gloss that goes on clear and tastes like green apple and vanilla. “Dream A Little Dream” is an orangey-coral tint with notes of orange.

Blushes ($24 each) include  ”Nymph” (a bright pink), “Nubile” (a soft peach), and “Faune” (a deep rose). For an added bonus, each shade uses rosemary leaf extract and orange flower water to keep your skin hydrated. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?—CHASE ROSEN

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