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Suvara's Airbrush Tan, photo courtesy: Mila Radulovic,
Suvara's Airbrush Tan, photo courtesy: Mila Radulovic,

Suvara’s Vitamin-Infused Spray Tan Gets You Glowing (The Healthy Way)

Suvara’s Airbrush Tan Uses a Vitamin Enriched, All Natural Formula to achieve a healthy golden glow

WHAT: Suvara’s Airbrush Tan

PRICES: Range from $40 for face and neck to $95 for full body

WHERE: Click here for a full list of locations

Spray tans often get a bad rap, and for good reason. Many treatments can leave one looking more like an oompa-loompa rather than a sun-kissed goddess, with formulas stocked full of harmful ingredients—think anti-freeze, formaldehyde, and artificial preservatives—that can cause skin to feel dry and flaky. But thankfully, one company has found a way to combat said downfalls of those notorious spray-tans-gone-wrong, with an all-natural, airbrush service.

It’s called Suvara, a brand dedicated to creating healthy glows using skin-friendly ingredients. And since bikini season is so close I can almost taste it, I decided to test out the famed service—which has been featured in the likes of Allure, InStyle, and Cosmopolitan, to name a few—at the Ricardo Rojas Salon on 67th Street.

I entered the chic, Upper East Side digs (outfitted with silver wallpaper and crystal chandeliers) and met with tanning guru Anna Stankiewicz, whose client list includes Fergie, Iman and Jessica Simpson. Stankiewicz, who helped develop the 100 per cent natural formula, assessed my fair skin tone and suggested a light wash of color for a subtle sun-kissed look.

I stripped down and she carefully applied a balm between my fingers and toes, which, she explained, helps prevent any orange buildup. Next, she carefully sprayed my entire body, blotting and blending the solution with a small brush to ensure a streak-free result. The spray felt pleasantly moisturizing, no surprise considering it’s made with skin-soothing ingredients including organic Aloe Vera, vitamins A, C, and E, and triple purified water.

After drying under a few fans for about 5 minutes, I surveyed Stankiewicz’s work. My skin had a perfect, bronzy look, free of the icky orange tint that screams spray-tan-gone-wrong. Days later, I still have a healthy dose of streak-free color that is fading naturally (no peeling or spotting to be seen). Let’s just say I’ll be going back for more.—AMANDA LIBBY

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