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The Healthy Girl’s Gift Guide

Healthy Gift Ideas To Kick Off 2014

Why wait until after the New Year to think about getting healthy? With our health-centric gift guide you can get a jumpstart on your resolutions, without breaking a sweat. You’re welcome!

Give up Sweets

Well, not altogether. Thanks to Laura Mercier’s Crème Brûlée collection, you can satisfy your sweet tooth, minus the calories. Inspired by the aromas of French Patisseries, Laura Mercier created this seductive, warm and comforting blend of gourmet ingredients with notes of warm caramel, spun sugar and French vanilla bean. You won’t even miss those Christmas cookies, we promise!

Get a Healthier Smile

Who woudn’t want the gift of good teeth? One of Manhattan’s premiere cosmetic  dentist’s, Dr. Fred Stange says “by this time next holiday season most patients can not only have a straighter healthier smile but a brighter one as well” thanks to Invisalign. The alternative to braces is more popular than ever for adults. Dr. Stange points out that “as everyone matures their teeth will move to forward. Overtime this leads to crowded teeth.” Many would view this as just a vanity issue, but as teeth overlap they begin to trap bacteria in hard to reach areas. The crowding prevents the toothbrush from cleaning properly and can lead to gingivitis, periodontitis, and other problems. Look for more info at ($3000-$7000).

Eat More Veggies

Tis the season for juice cleanses, so why not gift it to a loved one? Blossom Du Jour’s website says ”the best revenge is to cleanse” so how can we not recommend this one? The vegan restaurant’s Tru Life cleanse is also rather tasty. We especially love the Field of Greens (spinach, cucumber, apple and lemon) and Pretty in Pink (beets, pineapple and apple) juices included in the daily cleanes. One to five day cleanses are available at three convenient locations around Manhattan ($59-$280).

Read More Books

Make reading easy with a membership to Scribd an eBook subscription service featuring more than 100,000 books, including bestselling and new release titles. For only $8.99/month, Scribd is available across all Apple and Android phones, tablets and laptop/desktop computers.

Order Less Takeout

Sharpen your culinary skills with a healthy cooking class at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE). There are dozens of choices like the Mediterranean Diet, Techniques in Healthful Cooking, or even Cooking For Fitness. ICE offers gift cards too, in case you want the recipient to choose their own class (50 West 23rd Street, $115-$350).

Shape Up

For the person who exercises despite their aches and pains there is a cool new “gadget” that is a home remedy of sorts. Manhattan Physical Therapist Karena Wu recommends Spidertech tape to her patients who can use the extra help. Wu says “the pre-cut strips are 100% cotton, breathable, flexible and the same weight and thickness of skin.  It can stay on for up to 5 days.” She also tells us “it is a cool topic of conversation when people see it on you!” We love a healthy tool that gets people talking ($7-$14).

Cut out Coffee

For the caffeine-addicted, it’s not an easy fete to give up coffee. Get your coffee fix instead with the nyakio Kenyan Coffee Collection, which contains Kenyan Coffee to naturally energize and exfoliate skin. The collection includes a perfectly-balanced face polish and body scrub that reveal fresh, more youthful-looking skin and provides antioxidant benefits.


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