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Vegan Divas Doughnuts, photo courtesy:
Vegan Divas Doughnuts, photo courtesy:

Vegan Divas Brings Healthy Desserts (And Low-Cal Doughnuts!) To The UES

Vegan Divas Opens on The Upper East Side

Healthy desserts? Yes please! Thanks to Vegan Divas, a recently opened bakery on the Upper East Side, you can have your cake and not feel bad about it.

While the brand has been around for a few years—owner Fernanda Capobianco began selling the low-cal, high fiber treats to the likes of Citarella and Whole Foods back in 2010—Vegan Divas never had a standalone eatery, until now.

As the name implies, the upscale bakery is devoid of dairy and eggs but not flavor. In fact, Capobianco’s goal is to offer gourmet pastries that rival their best non-vegan counterparts. She has her work cut out for her: The Brazilian beauty’s husband is award-winning pastry chef François Payard. While he is famous for his French macarons, Capobianco is now selling a coconut version of the treat for a little friendly competition.

You can also find passion fruit mousse to die for, mini doughnuts that are between 15 and 25 calories a pop (score!), and double chocolate brownie bites (made with organic spelt flour) that will make the biggest chocoholic scream with joy.

Also look for a few savory items on the menu like eggless quiche and cold-pressed juices.—CINDI AVILA

Vegan Divas|1437 First Avenue between 74th and 75th Street|212-734-0820



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