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Inform Fitness,
Inform Fitness,

Would You Pay $125 For a 20 Minute Workout? We Report, You Decide.

NYC's Inform Fitness Offers 20 Minute High Intensity, Slow Motion Weight Training

WHAT: The Perfect Workout For Time-Strapped (and Well Paid) New Yorkers!
WHERE: Inform Fitness, 201 East 56th Street
PRICE: $125 per session, prices of single sessions decrease in packages of 6, 12, or 24

Those of you who use the excuse, “I’d love to work-out, but just don’t have the time” are now in luck. Inform Fitness, founded by Adam Zickerman, offers 20 minute workouts tailored to keep you in shape, even if you only do it once a week. How?  Their theory is that high intensity strength training, done in slow motion, is more effective than hitting the cardio machines several times a week. The workout forces you to use 90 to 100 percent of each targeted muscle, so you need about a week to rest and recover. Sounds good to us!

So does it work? I decided to stop by and see for myself. After checking in at the front desk, I was greeted by a lean—but not intimidatingly ripped—trainer. He escorted me into the gym, which looks like a typical weight lifting area, but the machines are designed for heavy lifting. (The leg press goes up to 1000 pounds!) Since the workout focusses on challenging your muscles, there are no cardio machines. That’s why time strapped professionals can simply take of their shoes and exercise in their business clothes.

The trainer led me through a series of exercises that targeted every muscle in my body. Using special machines, he set the weight extremely high- 320 pounds on the leg press, to be exact— and instructed me to lift very slowly in order to deeply engage my  muscles until failure.  No one believes me when I say that I leg pressed 320 pounds, but it is true! Each repetition is held for 20 seconds in order to force you to use more muscle and less momentum. Since you’re doing fewer repetitions, they say there is less pressure on your joints. At the end of the session, I got a full body workout (and, on occasion, almost felt like crying). On the plus side, after the 20 minutes was over, I didn’t need to worry about working out again for another week. And while the sessions don’t come cheap: $125 for a single session, $570 for 6 sessions, you are certainly pushed to the limit while freeing up your schedule. Talk about motivation.—ALLISON FISCHER

Inform Fitness|201 East 56th Street|(212) 755-9895

2 Responses to Would You Pay $125 For a 20 Minute Workout? We Report, You Decide.

  1. Is Gym workout or yoga better? Or both?

  2. 20 minute workout-sign me up! Thanks for the inside look

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